Idena web validation

What are the reasons for you to try out validation using Idena Web App?

- Validation takes place once every 16 days and you do not want to risk failing it because of bad internet connection or low hardware of your PC. If your Idena app takes long to synchronise or goes offline often, that will most likely cause problem for validation. Read about what you can do to setup your PC as good as possible for validation.
- Maybe you just didn't leave your Idena App open and you can't synchronise it in time for validation. Or if you are on vacation or away from your home PC, if you have backup of your Idena private key, you can use it to do web validation on any PC that is available to you.
- If you are new to Idena, if you do not have unlimited internet, web validation is the way to go because you will not need to keep desktop app up and running, so it wont waste your internet bandwidth.

Are you new to Idena or do you allready have address/key?
Chose an option that will guide you to the Idena Web App:

I am new to Idena

I don't have anything installed or Idena address/key

I have Idena address

I have unencrypted private key from nodekey file