Idena Introduction

Hello there!

This article will explain the basics about Idena and how to get started with Idena. It is written for people who are not very familiar with blockchain technologies, so If you are already familiar with blockchain technologies, please read for yourself on the official Idena website.
The aim is not to go into too much detail, but explain basic things on how to begin with Idena, so as not to overwhelm you with a lot of information.

What is Idena network?

Idena is new cryptocurrency technology and, among many other things, it is a payment processing network that works over the internet. In order for the Idena network to work, it requires people who are part of that network and who are helping to maintain it. Right now, there are people in Idena network.

How do you earn money from Idena? Why would someone give you money for Idena?

People who are members of the Idena network receive Idena coin reward for their task of maintaining the network.
Like any other currency (e.g. the dollar or the euro), you can buy or sell your Idena coins for some other currency. So, no one is paying you, it is just that other people are interested in buying your Idena coins from you, and that is how you are getting money. Long story short, you can sell your Idena coins for other cryptocurrencies like bitcoin using websites that are doing exchange services. We will explain more in detail in some of our next articles.

Is this some kind of scam?

Take your time to read about this, investigate and decide for yourself. In order for you to start with Idena, no one will ask you for any money, you don't need to invest in something special in order for you to start. You need just a little bit of time, for instance, 1 hour, every days. And the most likely situation is that you already have everything what it's needed, a computer and internet connection.

How much can you earn per month?

Very little, in the beginning, when considering the current price of Idena coin. If you look at this as a monthly income, it will be a small amount. But if you do this as a hobby and keep coins as a savings, who knows, maybe it can turn out alright.
Maybe you are not familiar with a story about a man who paid 10 thousands Bitcoins for two pizzas in 2010.
If we do a calculation with a current Bitcoin price on our hands, that pizzas costed that man few hundred million dollars in today's value.
Having that considered, maybe there is a chance to keep iDNA coins as a savings for future. Also, there is an option where you can stake coins to earn more.
Visit Staking calculator to calculate earnings per epoch, that is, currently every days.

What do you need to do to become a part of Idena network?

For you to become a part of Idena network you need to pass validation. Validation is a simple test which takes place once every days exactly at . Take a look and see how live validation session and flips are solved in a video, recorded by one member of Idena Network.

First, we need to check when is next validation taking place? Next validation starts in:

If you are even one minute late to the session, you will have to wait another days to attend next validation.

We can always visit Idena website and double check that information
Next up, you need to think about if you will be available at that time? Can you attend a validation session using your PC or smartphone?

If you are working at some job which does not let you take a break at that specific time, or you have a class to attend to at your school or college, you will not be able to attend the validation session.

But even in these kinds of situations, people are finding ways to ensure their attendance for the validation session, like this gentleman shown on the picture, he took a short break to do a validation session. This picture is from an earlier period, now, he even wouldn't have to go through so much trouble of bringing his laptop with him, nowadays, he could attend a validation session by using his smartphone.

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